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Wellhead & Xmas Tree




Wellhead is one of the important parts in the operation of oil and gas wells. It functions as the seat of the Christmas tree and hung the casing or tubing on a well. Wellhead also functions to control well activity and isolate wells to the surface of the well. Wellhead is generally designed by the way the well will be drilled, accommodate any requirements operator define to safely and efficiently drill and complete the well.


Wellhead and Tree is usually defined by several parameters, and those are:


  • Connection size (top and bottom) and bowl size
  • Connection type (flange, studded, hub, proprietary)
  • Pressure and Temperature rating
  • Material class
  • Service level
  • Performance rating


The parameters are usually defined by the operator, based on well(s) prognosis and planned drilling operations. We, as wellhead supplier, can assist in (1) defining requirements, and (2) translate the requirement into engineering design. The final design should be in accordance with international engineering standards.


Wellhead is usually consisted of:


Casing head is the first section that is installed, which connected onto the surface casing. It bears subsequent sections with BOP load during drilling and Christmas tree after the well is completed. Casing head contains casing hanger for subsequent casing string with double mechanical seal for annulus protection


Casing spool is essentially a spool that acts as conduit to connect between one section to another. Casing spool usually hold casing hanger for subsequent casing string with double mechanical seal for annulus protection.



Tubing head is the last section of wellhead that directly involved in drilling operation. Tubing head contains tubing hanger, which is the pipe that acts as conduit to flow fluids from reservoir to surface facilities. Tubing head usually have some specific features that dictate completion strategy.


Several valves are arranged in such a way to regulate fluid flow from the well to flow line/surface facilities. There is at least one master valve to close/open the well with one or more wing valves that divert fluid flow from vertical to horizontal. Additional valve may be installed to isolate fluid flow and pressure from atmosphere or intervention access.




We working closely with our Customers and Principals, acquire vast experiences in supplying wellhead and tree tailored to customers’ needs. Wellhead and tree design is discussed carefully with our customers to ensure that we understand them. We strive to ensure that all requirements are met or exceeded. Our Principals capability can be seen on the table below:







We invite you to contact any of our reputable sales people and/or experienced engineers to assist you in determining which components will safely satisfy your requirements.


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