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Completion Equipment




Completion is a process of having a well ready for production or injection, after it has been drilled to the intended depth or targeted zone has been reached. Equipment used in well completion ranges from being a simple packer, to sophisticated intelligent systems that would ensure the optimum production with little intervention from the surface. Components of the completion equipment include production packers (various types), liner systems, subsurface flow control equipment (sleeves, nipples, chokes, valve plugs), subsurface safety valves (SSSV) and screens when required. Components of well completion equipment are very specialized and in some cases designed and manufactured to meet specific well requirements.


Key reasons for well completion are:


  • Prepare the bottom of the well.
  • Connect the reservoir section, so the hydrocarbons can be produced.
  • Control flow between casing and tubing and within the tubing
  • Isolate production zone from other areas.
  • Maintain Reservoir integrity.
  • Access for well intervention and stimulation.
  • Safety device in emergency situation


We supplied completion equipment including upper completion, lower completion and packer. Completion configuration can be customized as per customer’s requirements. Sunindo Pratama, supported by our Principal can provide the equipment that complies to Q1 – Q3 quality level and V5 – V0 service level.




ESP Packer                 Gas Vent Valve          Tubing - Retrievable Safety Valves






Our Completion had been set on HCML for 7 wells.