Develop Non-Oil & Gas and Environmental
14 May 2019

Sunindo currently introducing their new product and services to market, regarding to company  target starting on 2017 to Develop Non-Oil & Gas and Environmental, The company bring in new products such as ENMAX CPRS (Corrosion Preventive Removal System), OILEX (Organic Binder Absorption for Universal Applications) which besides applicable to Oil & Gas Industries, they can also be applied in non-Oil & Gas Industries.  The ENMAX will provide solution to most industries problem and provide cost efficiency.  We also believe the Environmental issue is the immediate and future issue that needs to be addressed.  OILEX is the product for oil spill and other chemical cleanup.  Waste Management is another solution that we will bring in to address the environmental issues.


We have the scheme “no Cure No Pay” to let the customer trial our product to see the quality and outcome of the product and services. We hopes with this scheme will attract customer to trial or product and services.