Sunindo has various product and services provide to Oil & Gas Industry working together with our strategic partner

Waste Management



We and our partner JEREH start the collaboration in the integrated environmental management business in the oil and gas industry and general industry. JEREH has vast experience in environmental management and industrial waste treatment management, equipment and implementation of productive waste treatment technology. JEREH is reliable in carrying out various environmental management projects in the regional and international areas with proven record, the accuracy of technology and high professionalism of work.


In 2014, we entered the contract for "Waste Mud Injection Services" project at CNOOC SES, Ltd. to manage waste mud disposal, using injection wells as the media. 





  • ISO 9001 : 2015
  • ISO 14001 : 2015
  • OHSAS 18001 : 2007
  • ASME QUALITY Assurance System
  • Environmental Engineering Design Qualification
  • Municipal Public Engineering Implement Contracting Qualification
  • Environmental Engineering Contracting Qualification
  • Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Installation Contracting Qualification
  • Hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering Contracting Qualification
  • Wastewater Treatment Qualification
  • Pollution Control Facilities Operational Service Ability Evaluation Certificate
  • Wastewater Treatment Qualification
  • Hazard Waste Operation License
  • Environmental Management Safety Production License, Construction Engineering Safety Production License




A.  Solid Waste Treatment Equipment





B.   Wastewater Treatment Equipment







A.  Solid Waste Treatment Equipment


     1.   Oil Contaminated Soil Treatment Project for SINOPEC




           Client                       : SINOPEC

           Location                  : Xinjiang, China

           Scope                      : Thermal desorption equipment supply

           Annual Output          : 50,000 tons


      2.   Oily Waste Treatment for CNPC





      3.  Mechanical Tank Cleaning Project for CNPC




           Status                       :  Delivered in 2016.06

           Client                        :  CNPC

           Location                    :  Wuhan Refinery Plant, China

           Scope                       :   Mechanical tank cleaning services

           Performance              :  23,850 cubic meters oil tank cleaning


      4.   Mechanical Tank Cleaning Project in China




              Status                       : Delivered in 2016.03

             Client                        : CNOOC

             Location                    : Huizhou Refinery Plant, China

             Scope                       : Mechanical tank cleaning services

             Performance              : 100,000 cubic meters oil tank cleaning


      5.   Mechanical Tank Cleaning Project in China





            Status                       : Delivered in 2017.10

            Client                        : Kuwait Oil Company

            Location                    : Kuwait

            Scope                       : Mechanical tank cleaning services

            Performance              : 30,000.00 to 60,000.00 cubic meters oil tank cleaning


      6. Sludge Oil Recovery for PERTAMINA EP




           Status                       : Delivered (2015-2017)

           Client                        : Subsidiary company of PERTAMINA EP – Cilacap, Indonesia

           Scope                       : SOR equipment supply and tank bottom sludge recovery treatment

           Performance              : 10,000 m³



B.  Ecological Remediation Equipment


     1. Industrial Park waste water treatment project





             Project list


             Technical Characteristic: A2/O oxidation technology

               -  The project of SanFeng industrial park sewage treatment plant in Huarong County,


               -  Yueyang Huarong County brick bridge sewage treatment plant project

               -  Construction project of Industrial Park sewage treatment plant in Shangli County of

                   Jiangxi Province

               -  Sewage treatment project of Xiangxiang Leather Industrial Park


        2.  Ecological restoration project



              Project status          : In progress

              Project name           : A heavy metal treatment project in a river in Yantai

              Project scope           : Mainly remove Cu, Zn, Cd, As, Hg, use leaching technology

                                             and provide EPC general contract service

              Capacity                  : 100 t/h


        3.  Pesticide Contaminated Soil Remediation Project




                  Location                 : Hangzhou, China

                  Scope                    : Contaminated soil remediation services and equipment supply

                  Performance           : 70,000 tons


         4.  Power Plant Contaminated Soil Remediation Project (Phase 1, 2?




                 Location                  : Zhejiang, China

                 Scope                     : Contaminated soil remediation services and equipment supply

                 Performance            : 16 tons/h


          5.  Ecological Restoration Project in Meikarta - Indonesia



                 In 2017, Jereh was awarded a 150,000 m2. Lake Ecological System Construction Project

                 in Indonesia. The system construction has been completed in 30 days, which is the biggest

                  constructed ecological lake in Indonesia.


          7.  Groundwater Remediation Project



                   Location                  : Shandong, China

                   Scope                     : Chromium contaminated groundwater remediation EPC

                   Performance            : 200,000 m3



C.   Wastewater Treatment Equipment


      1.   Flow-back Fracturing Water Treatment for SHELL



              Project Profile

               -   Fushun Distribution, Sichuan Province - China, 15 wells

               -   Flow-back rate 1,200 m3/day

               -   The storage capacity on site is required 6,000 m3 at least

               -   The treatment capacity is ≥ 60 m3/hour

               -   The water after treated needs satisfied using for mixing the fracturing liquid


               Total volume of  treating fracturing flow-back liquid is 70,000 m3,the quality of water

               after treated satisfied the request of mixing new fracturing liquid, completely reuse.


       2. Water Treatment Project in Uganda



           Status                       : Delivered in 2016

           Client                        : CNOOC

           Location                    : Uganda

           Scope                       : Skid mounted drilling wastewater treatment equipment supply

           Capacity                   : 120 m3/d


        3. Waste Water Treatment Project for Tianzheng Medicine Company




                                                                 Urban sewage treatment project list


                    -  Hubei MaKou town sewage treatment plant PPP project

                    -  Yiyang Heshan District township sewage treatment plant PPP project Chenzhou

                        Zixing Dongjiang  Lake 6 township sewage treatment plant

                        (ADB investment project)

                    -  Sewage treatment plant project Changsha County Jinjing (10000 m³/d)

                    -  Sewage treatment plant project in Changsha County orchard town (6000 m³/d)