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Design: Whale Offshore Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Classification: ABS & BKI comply to SOLAS 74/78


These barges have 1950 sqm open clear deck space where 1200 sqm is timber covered work area and 135 sqm covered work space area. Those also equipped with 1000+ L fuel tank, potable water and drill water each. A helicopter deck suitable for S-61 helicopter is available on this barge that certified for day and night landing.


The barge has 8 points mooring system with 4 double drum winches, complete with tension meter. Each anchor has 10 ton double flipper delta, high power anchor driven by diesel engine.

A 900+ meters of mooring cables are available as part of the mooring system. Those anchors are operated from a centralized control room.


Electric power of 415 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz is generated by 3 x Cummins diesel engines with 1 x Cummins emergency generators, generating total power of 2250 KVA. 


Water is produced by reverse osmosis system onboard which capable in producing up to 140 tons of water per day.


Pumping system is equipped by each 2 fresh water pumps, 2 sea water pumps, 2 fuel pumps, 2 potable pump, 2 firefighting pumps, and pollution control pump with ballast pump capable in pumping 3200 lpm at 30 meters. Two (2) Ingersoll Rand compressors with 750+ cfm @ 10 Bar capacity completed the pumping and compressing system.


Lifting equipment consists of one (1) pedestal crane with max capacity of 70+ tons at 13 meters radius with 47 meter of crane boom and one (1) auxiliary crane 10+ tons capacity at 30 ft radius.


Onboard machining capability consists of 2 ea diesel driven welding machines capable in generating 500 amps electricity with 150 meter leads complemented with two (2) acetylene cutting equipment complete with 100 m of hoses.  Working equipment, to mention some of them, are lathe bench, drill press, hacksaw, electric grinder, electric threader and 3 ton trolley type forklift for heavy lifting.


Lighting is consisted of 10 units, 4 bank each explosion proof flood lights, complete with explosion proof 100 m electrical extension cables.


The barge is also housed accommodation for 140 beds with related supply and services capacity, complete with 1 x 2 men hospital that complies with WHO requirement. Two (2) mess rooms and one (1) galley with 144 seating capacity are also available. There are 5 (five) office spaces for company, engineers and superintendent working area.





We have provide Barge at  CNOOC SES BV for "COSL 221", "COSL 222", "COSL 223" and "COSL 225".