Quality Policy

Our quality of products and services will be graded by our customer and principal

HSE Policy

Our wish to become recognized in the industry as a low risk company in regard to the occupational health, safety of our employees, equipment,

and the environment comply with HSE laws and regulations. All employees contribute to this recognition and the commitment to HSE is expected of each employee.

The basis of our safety policy is that each employee is entitled to a safe place to work. Every employee shall be provided with protective equipment and guidance to accomplish the work required in a safe manner.

Our policy is that no job is so important that it cannot be completed in a safe manner. Consequently, each employee has a basic responsibility to make safety for himself and his fellow employees.

Every supervisor is responsible to set an example in regard to safety and by including all employees create an attitude where everybody shares his own safety with the safety of his fellow employees.

Adherence to safety rules is essential when evaluating the quality of work.

To achieve this goal requires all employees to develop the attitude that all accidents and occupational illness are preventable. It also requires all employees to do their share in making this goal a reality.

The company appreciates and recognizes the responsibility and obligation to protect the environment. All employees shall be directed to ensure the protection of environment.

In order to achieve our HSE objective, PT Sunindo Pratama declared:


  1. Comply with all applicable laws and relevant regulation of Republic of Indonesia; HSE regulation of PT Sunindo Pratama; and the requirements and rules of our customer.
  2. Provide healthy and safe workplaces and environment for our employees, sub-contractor, and clients.
  3. Identify and manage risk to As Low As Reasonably Practicable in order to prevent the potential cause of an accident, injury, or illness to people or unacceptable impacts on the environment.
  4. Conduct regular HSE inspection and audit.
  5. Committed to provide training and development need include HSE training for each individual’s duties and responsibilities. Ensure our sub-contractors and partners follow the policy in line with PT Sunindo Pratama’s policy.
  6. Conduct health program & monitoring
  7. No alcohol and drugs must be taken into any worksites.